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Looking for something to do when school is closed?

Proposed dates: THU 2 MAR 23, WED 15 MAR 23

Come and play HADO, the 1st Augmented Reality sport in the world that allows players to move freely on a real-life court!
Shoot energy blast from your hand at your opponent to score points and knockouts and protect yourself and your teammates by releasing energy shields!

It's £40 for a full day of HADO AR and real Dodgeball fun with some Monster Battles to finish the day.
Limited availability so book fast now by calling 01273 030767.

Please come ready for lots of physical fun, wear comfy clothing and shoes and lots of water and healthy snacks.
1200-1230 PM: BYO Lunch pack

Mega Monster Day

Sundays : Feb 12th, 19th, 26th. Mar 5th

Event duration: 11 AM - 2 PM

Price: £10 per person

Suitable from 6 - 60 years old










HADO Brighton PVP Tournament is back!

We are hosting the 3rd Regional tournament at our new HADO Brighton Centre on Sunday, 12th of March.

We welcome all HADO enthusiasts to sign up and battle with other up-and-coming teams in the region in the Brighton Open.

We will extend the invitation to seasoned HADO teams to compete in the Brighton Invitational.


Format: 3v3 Best out of 3
Tickets: 1st come 1st served
Booking: +(0)1273 030 767 | hello@hadoarsports.com

Click the FACEBOOK link below for up-to-date and full list of events



UK & European Championships 

On the 30th of October, Team .IDK. was crowned UK Champions, 4th time in a row.

The Boss came 2nd and Rockhoppers took 4th place so it was a sweet victory as all the 3 Brighton teams competed in the Masters Cup to be in Division 1 of the HADO UK National League.

New team heLLStorm competed in the Pro Cup and won a place in Division 1 of the Pro League.

The European Championship took place on the 5th November in St Raphael, France. All 3 members of Team .IDK. represented the UK and won the European Championship 2022 after competing in 11 matches on the same afternoon.

Brighton Open & Invitational Tournaments - June 2022

On the 12th June we hosted our 2nd Brighton as well as an Open Tournament where any team could sign up to participate.  The invitational tournament where we invited the best teams in the UK to participate a long with our teams here in Brighton.  

We streamed the tournaments on Twitch but incase you missed it, you can go to our YouTube channel to watch the recaps here, where you can find the playlist.

We hope to host more tournaments in the future so follow our social medias to keep up to date!

ESL Spring Cup Tournament - Easter Sunday 2022

Hosted at Insomnia 68 Birmingham, three of our teams were invited to participate at this tournament. Our own team IDK coming out victorious winning the tournament.  

Short video from the day


The Supreme 

Winners of the Brighton Open Tournament,  The Supreme.  The experience and skill they gained from attending after school clubs helped them to win the tournament not losing a single game. As the winners, they had the opportunity to progress and participate in the invitational tournament. 

Open Tournament Recap Video


Telephone: +44 (0) 1273 030 767                                       Email: hello@hadoarsports.com

Address: C4, The Knoll Business Centre, 325-327 Old Shoreham Road, HOVE, BN3 7GS

Access to Carpark via Bellingham Crescent BN3 7FA


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